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Young Earth Creationism - is it biblical?

Darwinism, or common descent - is it scientific? Was Owen correct all along?

Solar System Origin - the scientists are confused - the Bible steps in

Climate - what stops it going to extremes - certainly not greenhouse gases! Climate moderation paper; Movie.

Extinctions - a mystery

Age of Man - how could we have been here for millions of years, when we have totally altered the world in a thousand?

Snakes, Virus's & Other Agents of Pain & Destruction - why?

Noah's Flood - it didn't shape the world's strata, but we now have an idea of the likely cause.

Why, Why, Why? - what is the purpose of the universe?


Time to end the lunar-inspired doggy noises?
Do we have the moon?
We have the moon.


Sir Richard Owen Goes to the Top of the Class!

SCIENCEDAILY reporting on University of Nottingham

Professor Natalio Krasnogor of the University's School of Computer Science, who leads the Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex Systems Research Group, said: "We are looking at creating a cell's equivalent to a computer operating system in such a way that a given group of cells could be seamlessly re-programmed to perform any function without needing to modify its hardware."

Sir Richard Owen thought that species were a modification of an archetype, or in modern information terminology, a mastercode. He advised Darwin & Co to think again. This was before Darwin published On The Origin of Species and before we had modern I.T.. For more about Owen's genius, Evolution of Evolution, Owen A#1.


CreationTheory.com publications pre-empt the findings of the space probe Messenger and the space retrieval programme Genesis. It is also confidently predicted that the sun will be shown to be a sophisticated heat metering device which is sensitive to feedback from the earth's magnetic field. To evaluate the Genesis and Messenger claims, follow this link. For the prediction about the Sun, go here. More about climate here. THERMOSTAT!

The Bible implies a link between human health and the information signalling of species revelation -- see here and here. Modern technology is strongly confirming the idea -- see two recent discoveries -- July 2013; December 2013.


Some scientists are with it, some are without it! Science is not the product of feelings, emotions or the latest majority opinion. For centuries it was assumed that some objects fall faster than others. Galileo investigated this proposition and found (eliminating the factor of air resistance) that it was untrue.

It often happens that commonly accepted 'facts' turn out to be the product of groupthink rather than reality.

Extract from the journal Science, with quotations from ScienceDaily.

Quote, "All life evolved from a single-celled universal common ancestor"

Professor ... said: "These fossils force us to rethink our ideas of how animals learned to make large bodies out of cells."

Some scientists are with it, and some scientists are walking about on the ceiling.

The facts are that life was revealed over time. How was it revealed? By super-intelligent slimeballs? By magic events involving microbes? Note the complete absence of any systematic analysis of the question in hand. Their explanation is: Nature did it. In this case nature must equal God and science by definition equals Animism, the worship of nature.



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