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An Updated Moon Origin Theory: The Common Donor-Capture Theory


One hundred years after man first took to the skies in powered flight, he stands on the verge of another momentous breakthrough. This breakthrough has to do with his understanding of himself and the worlds about him. Yet-strangely enough it is linked to that world changing achievement one hundred years ago. For if man had never flown, he would have never stood on the moon or set out to explore the planets. Without this breakthrough man would not understand the link between life on earth and the solar system.

The Apollo astronauts brought back rock samples from the moon and those rocks caused surprise, confusion, even consternation amongst scientists. This confusion still exists... Was the Universe planned? What was the origin of the moon?

During this breakthrough voyage the Bible was quoted. The Bible has long been understood to be a technically accurate ancient document. For example, it speaks of the watercycle, (Ecclesiastes 1:5-7); it accurately tells the earth is suspended without visible support, (Job 26:7); it implies that day and night both occur at the same time on Earth, (Luke 17:34 -36). Did the rock samples returned by the Apollo astronauts agree with the Bible read by the astronauts?

For years, the technical meaning of some parts of the Bible was clouded. Many efforts were made to explain them, and like those preceding the Wright Brothers' earliest attempts at flight, these efforts showed promise but did not entirely get off the ground.

Man has always known that the primary message of the Bible is not technical-rather, it is personal. The only way to really prove the existence of God or to prove the meaning of God's words is through personal experience.

However, the technical side of the Bible also has a purpose. Whenever people have made an advance in understanding the scientific meaning of God's Words humanity has benefited.

With recent technologic advances, we have a technical explanation of major segments of the biblical text. Here are some comments which have already been made by people whom we would class as 'laymen'. People like you and me - in a sense amateurs. Here are some of their comments.

T. Robertson, a retired schoolmaster said, "I commend these concepts to you: by introducing species pre-existence, Mr. Heywood enables a literal reading of the Bible and explains the fossil record.." Jennifer McRae "Alive Magazine" reviewer wrote, "Heywood skillfully shows the scientific facts underlaying what many in scientific and educational fields have written off as mere fable."

These new developments are not stand-alone concepts but are harmoniously integrated utilising biblical and scientific sources.


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