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Evolution Revised for the Quantum Age Part 1
Evolution Revised for the Quantum Age Part 2

Investigating the origin of our solar system and moon

Solar System Introduction Animation

Solar System Origin Outline Animation

Common Donor - Capture Theory Moon Origin Animation

Brings evolution up to date with recent developments in science.

Solar System Part 1

Solar System Part 2

Solar System Part 3

Discusses deficiencies in existing models and suggests improvements.

Dividing Between Science and Religion

Building on the methods of successful scientists and educators from the past, provides a non-divisive way to approach a controversial topic.

Quantum Bible Part 1

Quantum Bible Part 2

Quantum Bible Part 3

Quantum Bible Part 4

Quantum Bible Part 5

Lays down a framework for an understanding of the Bible and of origins in the modern quantum age. Note: Quantum Bible part 1 deals with the origins of space/time and the universe. Quantum Bible parts 2 to 5 have to do with the origin of the various lifeforms and man. Essentially, these videos are educational.

Human Origins: and the Great Flood

The geologic record shows that species arrive suddenly and with full genetic diversity from the outset. The proposed evolutionary sequence leading up to man does not concur with the geologic record of other species. Can near extinction in a great flood explain this discrepancy, and what caused the Great Flood?



Evolution of Evolution

Do the names Owen, Cuvier and Huxley mean anything to you? Bone up on the history of the evolution debate and learn about the work of Darwin's contemporaries.


This resource contains relevant information on topics as diverse as geologic history and superconductivity.


Learn how super-patterns and information technology explain evolution in the context of intelligent design.

Moon Origin

Look at moon origin from the Engineer's perspective while learning about the common donor-capture theory of moon origin.

A First Book of Quantum Computation

Recommended for the interested reader, this paper looks at the possibility of quantum-level signalling involving magnetic fields and living cells.


Pictorial Summaries

The Bible helping us answer questions