Where we are coming from:

The provider of this publication is a qualified geologist who tried to teach Origins himself. Finding the existing scenario unsatisfactory, for better or for worse, he entered upon this publishing project. He did so almost unwillingly, after it became obvious that the persons and publishers one would most expect to utilize these materials, had no intention of doing so!

The problem with attempting to teach this subject back in the 1970's was that one either had to resort to the bombast and bluster of the hard-liner, or admit we don't know. Admitting we don't know can be character-building, but, unfortunately, it is a form of character-building not always practised by everyone. And history is not lacking in instances of human thought getting stuck in a side-tunnel, simply because people who didn't know, wouldn't admit as much.

One important reason behind the author's reticence to publish his findings himself is the inherent nature of the subject. We have to do with matters of significance. The sacred Word reminds us, "Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth". We have to do with the Word of God, and God is love. The open lesson-book of history gives warning upon warning regarding the danger of any sort of religious motivation other than divine love. The gospel is "the power of God unto salvation", and technical knowledge as a tool of coercion has no part in it. The author of this page personally was never helped one iota by knowing that the Bible is a technically accurate document. He is more interested in it as a personally accurate document. That is why he sought to have these new developments in science and the Bible presented either as cold hard fact in technical publications, or through the medium of an existing church or church-related organization, with no mention of himself. (If you can find such an organization, say on!)

Even so, knowledge has a purpose. We don't know everything, but we do know more than we knew in the 1970's. (For instance, knowledge of the Bible may have some bearing on the current conflict in Iraq.)


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