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REVIEW MATERIALS The Tree of Life and The Origin of The Species. First published 2000, comprehensively updated 2019. Available through multiple recognised booksellers. This book is complemented throughout by the various audiovisuals and monographs on this site. This site is also a repository for some very pertinent educational materials which have been neglected by mainstream publishers.

Pastor Ian Jack, Gladstone, Qld, Australia.
"This book is a classic ……. As a pastor/youth worker/religious educator for more than 33 years, I commend both the book and its concepts to you."

Mr. Thomas Robertson, Toowoomba, Australia.
"As a former teacher-librarian I would recommend that this book be placed on library shelves and that schools look at the text …. I found this work to be thought-provoking. To a layman, his account of creation is biblically correct, and he has been able to sort out many of the problems I have encountered in studying this part of Scripture. By suggesting that a species can exist before it grows because it is a bundle of information, Heywood opens up a whole new perspective on some puzzling issues in this debate.
There were many areas I found challenging and interesting. Some were his explanation of how the moon came into existence; and the process by which carbon was laid down in the earth and today is being released.
Heywood makes the relevant point that God was, and still is, intimately involved in his creation. He is intimately involved with each one of us, and gives us a reason and purpose for living. This needs to be widely taught in our schools, churches and families."

Mr. Darryl Stringer, B. Sc., The Queensland Baptist.
"Although there is a great deal of science included within the pages of this book, the reader does not need to have a broad understanding of science, for Heywood has done an excellent job of simplifying the complex so that everyone can understand the various ideas …. . …His goal is not to promote himself or his theory, but to see God glorified. For that he is to be congratulated."


….claims to be distinguished only as the most consummate of all fools and the chief of sinful men. He barely qualified for the University of Queensland, attending a Geology Department recently vacated by the world-respected anatomist, Dorothy Hill. With some difficulty, both on his own part and on that of the staff, he procured a B. Sc.(hons), under the dedicated tutorship of a staff that accepted evolution, but did not subscribe to Evolutionism, the personal philosophy. Some of the staff had once enjoyed personal contact with the "old school" of science pioneers, and possessed something of the aura of the great Seekers of truth. The author worked as a geologist, with a few completely obscure publications to his name. His calling lay firstly with farming/grazing.
Whilst caring for land under that remarkable evolution (unfolding) of a series of natural near-disasters - the Australian climate - he indulged in a minor, origins-related, educational project. Knowing that confusion reigned in these matters, and knowing little else, he asked for Higher revelation, to enable the project to proceed. The outcome begins to be tabulated herewith. Although all but disinterested in the topic, he saw a potential benefit in presenting some of these remarkable developments to the public.
For him, it has been a privilege to expound these truths. It is gratifying, after having set the story in print, to discover that the pioneering anatomists, especially Cuvier and Owen - of whom the author was in blissful ignorance - came to similar or identical conclusions, with much less information, almost 200 years ago. They could not proceed in these matters, lacking technological backup.
It is humbling to think that even minor truths, such as these, are entrusted to men.


ABOUT The Tree of Life and the Origin of the Species.

Excerpt from opening paragraph:

Does this book contain the only existing documentation of, amongst other things, the step-by-step account, in Genesis, of an expanding universe?

Is it the world's only existing documentation of the unfolding of the species employing a real, observable mechanism - a mechanism analogous to tree growth, as the Scriptures show?

Does The Tree of Life and the Origin of the Species document not only the unfolding of (pre-existing) life as scientists now know it must have happened, but also the intelligent assembling of our solar system, a problem which has baffled astronomers?

Does it contain the world's first comprehensive confirmation of the moon-capture theory, identifying for the first time the likely source and travels of that body?

Is it the only existing commentary showing how the birds were created with the sea-creatures, but first appeared with the land-creatures?

And we are not yet past verse 20, with the briefest possible overview!

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Foundational information presented as monographs and audio-visuals via this site.

1. Origin of the Universe

2. Origin of the Solar System

3. Moon Origin

4. History of Evolutionary Thinking

5. Quantum Age Evolution

6. Setting the Scene for Future Developments in Evolutionary Science

7. Earth's Magnetic Field, Past, Present, and Future

8. Climate Moderation (laying the carbon scare to rest)

9. Ready to use Educational Materials (wide-ranging topics covered)